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Shaping Enrych

Annual Costs To Run

Through our work, we see individuals flourish; their lives enriched by the opportunities we create. We aim to achieve personalised outcomes specific to each of our members to truly enhance their quality of life.  This can be through improved physical health, emotional wellbeing, increased levels of self confidence and reduced levels of social isolation.

By delivering our work at a local level, utilising the skills of local people, our work makes an enormous difference. Our network of regional branches deliver localised services whilst our national office works ‘behind the scenes’ to provide the support needed for branches to succeed.

The vital role of Enrych at a national level is three-fold:

Making our work happen costs money. It is imperative that we have a clear vision of what we are looking to achieve and why, and to have the right staff in place to deliver our great work. The staff in our national office work to provide management, finance, administration and fundraising support to our branch network. Additionally, this team is responsible for delivering services in regions local to our Warwickshire head office.

In order to maintain our work at its current level, we generate income in the following ways.

We are frugal. We don’t spend money unnecessarily and we are determined to ensure that we do not forget what we are looking to achieve. Below is how we spent our funds in furtherance of our work during 2010-2011.

Raising Money

Raising Money