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Enrych looks beyond the disability to see a person’s potential. We work with individuals to achieve the outcomes they determine as necessary in order to lead the lives they want. Our work is about unlocking potential – enabling individuals to realise their dreams, beyond disability, to live the lives they want. Enrych is the stepping stone to a richer, more rewarding life.

The time has now come to build on best practice and replace paternalistic, reactive care of variable quality with a mainstream system focussed on prevention, early intervention, enablement and high quality personalised services.

-  Putting People First (DOH)

We recognise that everyone, irrespective of role within Enrych, should hold the same aspirations for those we support as we do.  When seeking out our next employee, we regard life experience, values and person-centred qualities very highly alongside a person’s skills, qualifications and accomplishments.

As a growing organisation with a growing reputation, we are seeing an increase in the number of paid opportunities available within the organisation. These opportunities greatly increase our ability to deliver guaranteed and quality services for those individuals whom we support. Vacancies with our national office team will be advertised on this page when they become available.

Current Vacancies

Any vacancies will be displayed on our home page (at the top of the page  – as one of the 4 news items on our ‘news slider’).

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Application forms

Usually there will be a specific application form attached to each vacancy which we would ask you to use.

However, if there is no application form included in the information about the vacancy you are interested in, please use the following generic form (you can fill it in electronically, or print it out and complete by hand).

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Enrych also employs a number of Personal Assistants.  If you are interested in becoming an Enrych Personal Assistant, please see Paid Opportunities