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Frequently Asked Questions

Enrych Assist: What is Enrych Assist?

Enrych Assist is our Personal Assistant (PA) service which enables individuals to purchase one-to-one support to help with daily living so that they can be as independent as possible and live their life, their way.

Enrych Assist: What can Enrych PAs do?

Enrych Personal Assistants can help with a variety of activities such as getting out and about, household tasks such as cleaning and gardening, shopping, attending appointments, visiting places of interest, going to social events and even holidays… whatever our clients want to do.

PAs support their clients to achieve their goals and promote their independence. Everyone’s needs are different and we take time to understand what each client wants to do and prepare a ‘support plan’ together so that we can meet their needs and monitor our progress.

Personal care support is not currently provided as Enrych is not a Care Quality Commission registered organisation.

Enrych Assist: Will I have the same PA at each visit?

Yes. We don’t operate like a care agency with staff working on a rota. You will have a dedicated PA who comes each time. If you have a large number of support hour each week, you may have a more than one PA, but they will be the same people week by week.

Enrych Assist: I need support with personal care. Can my PA help with this?

No. We are not registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and are not able to provide any personal care.

Enrych Assist: Who can access Enrych Assist?

Our Enrych Assist service is for disabled people who want regular support with their day-to-day activities from a personal assistant they can trust and depend on. The Enrych Assist service is currently available to adults with disabilities in Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Oxfordshire. We also offer a Mental Health PA Service to clients in Leicestershire and Derbyshire

Enrych Assist: Who are the Personal Assistants?

We directly employ a large number of PAs of all ages and backgrounds so that our clients can choose the right person for them or have more than one PA for different activities or skills required. Every PA has a current DBS (CRB) check, have been referenced, trained and are supported to provide a person centred service.

Enrych Assist: What happens if my PA is sick or on holiday?

If your PA is absent for any reason and you do not have a visit you will not be charged. We don’t automatically provide cover when your PA is on holiday.

Enrych Assist: What if I want my PA to work a different day or time?

Enrych recognises the needs for flexibility and PAs will try to alter their working pattern to meet your needs, where possible. However, this depends on their own situation and commitments. Do talk with your PA is good time if you want to make a change. If you give less than 7 days’ notice then you may be charged. Full details about this are in your Service Level Agreement.

Enrych Assist: What if I want to cancel a visit from my PA?

Full details about this are in your Service Level Agreement.  You may be charged if you give less than 7 days notice. Do talk to us if you are unsure about any aspect of our service

Enrych Assist: If I go out with my PA, who pays for activities and/or refreshments?

If you have a personal budget, or if you pay for the service yourself, it is for you to pay any reasonable costs incurred by your PA while supporting you to do the activity you have chosen. Sometimes, these amounts are included in your Support Plan (if you have one). Many venues allow disabled people to bring their carers for no extra charge. Do ensure you have talked about these details with your Enrych manager so you and your PA both know what mileage and other expenses have been agreed.

Enrych Assist: What do I do if I have an issue with my PA?

Our PA service is based on giving you ‘choice, control, independence and support’. So we encourage you to talk with your PA about any issues you have, and resolve them together. However, you can talk to your Enrych manager if you need to, and we will also support you to resolve any issues.

Enrych Assist: What if I want to make a complaint to Enrych?

We are an open, transparent and listening organisation and our main aim is to support people to live independent lives. Usually, people are very happy with the service they receive from Enrych. However, we know sometimes issues arise and we would invite you to speak to your Enrych manager as soon as possible. We have a Compliments and Complaints policy which you are welcome to see – ask your Enrych manager.

Enrych Assist: Can I employ my own PA?

Yes, we can support you to employ your own PA if that is your preference. Also, if you work well with an Enrych PA and eventually wish to employ that person yourself, we can support you to do this.

Enrych Assist: How much does it cost?

Our Personal Assistants are available for matching to disabled people who receive a personal budget or wish to pay for services privately. There is an hourly charge plus any associated costs depending on the activity. For example, a day trip might incur the additional costs of bus fares and entrance fees. For current prices in your area, please contact your PA Manager. Contact details can bve found here

Enrych Assist: How do I pay for the PA service?

For clients who pay direct to Enrych: You will be sent an invoice, every month, in arrears. Your PA will keep a time sheet which shows the hours they have worked, and any mileage or other costs incurred. Your PA will ask you to sign every time sheet, so you can both keep track.

For clients who are funded by the local authority, arrangements will vary depending on the type of funding support you have.

Enrych Support: What does Enrych Support do?

Enrych Support provides leisure and learning opportunities for adults with a physical disability – but it’s what this ultimately achieves that we’re most interested in. We have found that leisure and learning, two things that most people take for granted, create opportunities for people to become more involved in their local communities, feel less isolated and improve their self confidence and well-being.

Enrych Support: What services do you provide?

Different schemes are available depending on where you live. To see what is available in your area, go to Where We Work and ring the regional office to discuss the local services provided.

Among the services we offer are:

  • Volunteer partnership scheme
  • Social programme
  • Healthy Living Club
  • Swimming Group
  • Art Group
  • ‘Phone Pals’ Telephone Befriending Scheme
  • Enrych Assist – one-to-one support from a paid PA, enabling you to live your life, your way.

Enrych Support: How do I become an Enrych volunteer?

Firstly, thank you! There are lots of ways to get involved as volunteer – go to Get Involved to find out more.

Enrych Support: How do I make a referral to the Volunteer Partnership scheme?

Thanks for your interest in Enrych.

If you want to make a referral to our  Volunteer partnership and social programme scheme, first check what services are available in your area by going to Where We Work. If you have any queries, contact the regional office to discuss your requirements.

To download referral forms, go to Making Referrals

Enrych Support: Where do you operate?

Enrych is a national charity operating at a regional level across England. We currently have branches in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Oxfordshire, Swindon & Wiltshire and Warwickshire.

All Branches of Enrych are affiliated to the national organisation, meaning you can expect to find the same quality standards and excellence in service, regardless of your postcode.

Enrych Support: You don’t operate in my area. How do I access your support?

As a growing organisation, we are keen to develop our work in areas where there is a need. By getting in touch, we can evidence demand for the work we do, which will greatly improve our ability to respond to your needs in the future. You can do this by calling our national office on 01926 485446 or emailing us Part of our role is to set up new services in areas of need, so you will be helping us enormously if you get in touch.

Enrych Support: How much does Enrych’s support cost?

Traditionally, we have enabled people to achieve their outcomes by finding them a volunteer, and although there’s a cost attached to volunteers (training, travel and support), we don’t make a charge for this, and look to fund this work through our own fundraising. Obviously this is increasingly challenging and we appreciate any support you are able to give.

Other services that we provide may involve a charge, but like any customer purchasing a service, you can expect to achieve certain results by accessing a paid-for service. Our PA service Enrych Assist, provides paid individuals who can support you – at a time that suits you – to achieve the things you want to achieve.