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Our Vision

Our vision is that all adults with a physical disability are able live the lives that they want to live and exert the same level of choice over how they spend their free time as everyone else.

We believe that people should…

  • Not be defined by their disability
  • Be encouraged and able to reach their potential

We see involvement in Enrych’s services as a stepping stone to a more independent and more fulfilling life for our members.

Enrych’s objectives are shared by all our affiliated branches and unite our charity family:

  1. To add colour to life by creating opportunities for adults with physical disabilities to engage in two of life’s greatest pleasures – leisure and learning.
  2. To provide a pathway of opportunity.  We enable individuals to recognise their potential and in turn, to access the many further opportunities available to them within their local communities.
  3. To reaching more and more people, to meet the needs of an even greater number of adults with physical disabilities in the future.
  4. To be trailblazers by actively develop our reputation as leaders in our field, and pioneers of best practice.  We always aim to improve and keep abreast of external practice and how this impacts our work, in order to ensure we are fit for purpose and prepared for the future.
  5. To work in partnership as part of the Enrych family of charities and with external organisations, to jointly shape the future sustainability of Enrych at a local and national level.