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Corporate Partnership: Businessman on a phone, in a wheelchair

Corporate Partnerships

As a national charity with a regional profile, ENRYCH is looking to grow its work into more areas of the UK. We aren’t doing this to build an empire. We simply want to reach more people with a physical disability and add colour to their lives. By becoming our Charity of the Year, your employees will be actively contributing to:
  • a community that values diversity and difference
  • the development of projects that work directly with people
  • the growth of a charity that aspires to fill a much needed gap in people’s lives

ENRYCH will support your organisation to develop a fundraising package to suit your needs and will appoint a fundraiser to manage the partnership. This will include maximising media opportunities and handling as little or as much of your administration in relation to fundraising, which will free up your business.

Corporate donations and sponsorship

Donations and sponsorship are an opportunity to promote your brand whilst supporting our activities.  When you give to ENRYCH, your business will get tax relief.  Donating is simple and secure using our online form. ENRYCH organises a variety of events throughout the year, so whether your company has a sponsorship budget of £500 or £100,000 we have an event to suit you.  Whatever you choose, we will use it as an opportunity to raise both your profile and ours!