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Payroll giving

Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving (Give as You Earn) allows employees to make regular donations to ENRYCH directly from their salary and before tax. By making consistently regular payments, ENRYCH can make much needed plans for the future which will allow us to reach more people with a physical disability in the UK.

For businesses, it:

  • improves your social responsibility profile
  • enhances community involvement
  • improves staff recruitment and retention

Payroll giving is an easy and tax effective way for you and your colleagues to give regularly to charity. Donations are taken before tax, meaning that for every £1 donated it will only cost 80p (60p for higher rate tax payers) – the taxman pays the rest!UK charities raise over £100 million yearly through payroll giving and over 10,000 UK employers have committed to payroll giving.Setting up a payroll giving scheme in your organisation is straightforward and free of charge. You simply need to sign up with an approved Payroll Giving Agency who will process your employees’ donations and distribute the money to ENRYCH. Contact us on 01926 485447 for more information.