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As a Volunteer


If you are new to the idea of volunteering, it can often seem quite daunting, but don’t worry. We aren’t looking for superheroes or superstars! We’re looking for everyday folk who might have a few free hours each week to share an interest with someone else. That hobby you’ve had for years might be just the thing that someone else is looking for!

Enrych asks that volunteers commit a few hours a week for a set period of time. These hours will be agreed between you and your Enrych member, meaning that the partnership can work at a time that suits you both. Asking volunteers to commit for a period of time means that the member has the opportunity to build their skills, knowledge and confidence, and can build a successful relationship with their volunteer.  These relationships are important, and are the cornerstone of our success.

If you are interested in volunteering, please view our current volunteering opportunities using the menu item.

Becoming a Trustee

In order to grow our work across the counties of the UK, we are always on the lookout for new Trustees. Trustees are individuals who give of their time in order to govern a charity. Enrych is looking for individuals who provide a variety of skills and have a genuine empathy for our work. Trusteeship is a great opportunity to work as part of a team with a varied, complementary skill set and will invariably further your understanding of disability.

We are keen to hear from individuals who can:

  • Provide strategic management and govern rather than manage
  • Be a ‘critical friend’ to support and challenge without getting caught up in the minor detail
  • Monitor and evaluate to ensure that decision making leads to the desired results
  • Make executive decisions and be able work in the collective interests of those individuals Enrych supports, even when you have a different personal opinion

If you wish to contact us regarding further information we would be pleased to assist you. Please or call 01926 485446 for more details.

ENRYCH Volunteers are people who have chosen to give willingly of their time to work with the charity to support people with a physical disability (ENRYCH Members).