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Enrych is very proud of its community partnerships, linking will schools and colleges to support students in their fundraising activities. Students can also become volunteers alongside or as part of their studies, learning new skills whilst offering support.

If your school or university would like to raise funds for Enrych, please get in touch. We can support you to develop your ideas and provide resources you might need like sponsorship forms or collection buckets. There are so many fun ways to support Enrych, we will be happy to get you started. You could hold a special jump-a-thon, charge an entry fee or sponsor people for a certain number of jumps. Challenge a teacher to a sporting event and charge to watch – is throwing sponges sporting? Or an impression show – everyone loves to mimic their teachers – but who is the best and has a real talent – Teacher X Factor?

Every department at your school or university has a talent, whether for maths, swimming, music, football. Why not put on a whole school event and raise money for Enrych?