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Why I have an Enrych PA

Stephen’s Story







I first met with Enrych after my stroke; I was referred to their Enrych Assist service for the possibility of some support.

It wasn’t just the physical devastation I had experienced, but the loss of confidence and the fact that I had become quite introverted, which was absolutely not the sort of character I had been before.

I was now a wheelchair user but confined myself to staying in my ground floor flat.

I was introduced to a Personal Assistant by Colin, the Enrych East Midlands Branch Manager, who had previously been to see me to discuss what I was looking for in a Personal Assistant and what I hoped to be able to achieve if I had this sort of support.

All I can say now is that, two years later, with Sara’s support, I am as near back to normal as I could have hoped for.

I have the confidence to do my own admin, make phone calls, go up into town by myself in my chair and with Sara’s support I have developed a new circle of friends that I meet three times a week at the coffee shop.

My confidence has come back and I go along to watch rugby alone now, whereas before Sara had to take me.

Due to the progress I have made I no longer need a Personal Assistant support anymore, although I will remain part of the Enrych family and be able to access their social events and groups when I want to.

Robert’s Story

robert 3






My name is Robert and I have been using Enrych Assist for nearly 3 years.

My regular Personal Assistant, Stacey, has really helped me with my confidence and self belief. These days I’m really happy to mix with others and get out there and do what I would like to do rather than sitting in my home.

I also have another Personal Assistant, Ian. Ian and I are still getting to know each other but he is great. He took me to Pingle Pet Store where I was fortunate enough to hold a snake and lizard. I really enjoyed this experience and Ian took some photos for me. This wouldn’t have happened without the Enrych Assist service.

I am really happy and enjoying my life. My parents are really supportive of me but it’s my Personal Assistant that helps me achieve, which in turn makes my parents happy and proud.

Peter’s Story

I have multiple sclerosis. I am in a wheelchair. I have had an Enrych Assist PA for over a year now and my life has been improved immeasurably.

It was a social worker who suggested I get a PA. It was very hard for me to accept that I needed support. I was telling myself and everyone else that I was ‘fine’. But once I had accepted that I needed help, everything fell into place. It is important to remember that this is not just about my quality of life, it is about lightening the load of my family and friends as well.

I have 4 hours a week support from the PA, on two mornings. When she gets here, the first thing she does is to clear the kitchen and make my breakfast. It would probably take me two hours to do the kitchen, so having a PA frees up my time to do the things that I want to do. After that, it could be anything and everything around the house.

My PA helps me with filing and with keeping my desk tidy. She provides me with assistance throughout the house. It might just be that she helps me by taking something of a shelf, which I cannot reach.

All of these kinds of tasks sound unimportant. But they are important to me. I only have one functioning limb. I am unable to do many things for myself and so having someone to do than for me makes a substantial improvement to the quality of my life and that of my family too.

So far, I am on my second PA and Enrych has on both occasions managed to come I up with someone I can actually talk to properly. Both I and my PA and are aware that there are boundaries to maintain – my PA helps me a lot, but it is not my friend.

I always feel a real sense of progress when my PA finishes and leaves the house and everything feels so much more organised. My bedroom has not been so tidy for years!

A very satisfied customer.

(Name has been changed. By request, this client’s identity remains confidential)