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Making Referrals to Enrych Support

If you would like to either refer yourself to an Enrych service or know of someone who could benefit from our support, there are two simple steps to follow.

First, check what services are available in your area. We  strongly recommend you speak to the area co-ordinator to check service availability and eligibility before making a referral.

Once you have checked the suitability of Enrych’s services, please complete the appropriate referral form and return it to your local Enrych branch.

Referrals for the Volunteer and Social Programme:

PDF Download IconDownload this form if you are a health care professional and want to refer a client for our volunteer and social programme M Referral (for email) Ev3a

PDF Download IconDownload this form if  you want to refer yourself or a family member for our volunteer and social programme,  (M Self Referral (for email) Ev2)