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Meet people we’ve supported

Enrych has supported many disabled adults across our regional projects. From creative writing to wine appreciation, computer mechanics to bird watching, if we can facilitate a shared activity, we will. We do this either through a volunteer partnership, introduction to a local group, or one of our of our own activity groups.

This year we have impacted over 1000 individuals, including members, volunteers and their families and carers who benefit from their improved quality of life and health.

Some names have been changed to protect our member’s privacy.

Betty – Joining Enrych Art group and finding greater independence

Betty says “I have always had an interest in arts and crafts so I decided to try the Enrych Art Group (in Coalville, Leicestershire).

I did feel nervous when I first joined the art group, not knowing quite what to expect and who I would meet but my NAS (National Autistic Society) worker encouraged and supported me to attend and I really enjoyed the opportunity to be creative with clay, paint and colours.

The group has an informal and friendly atmosphere; everyone is made welcome.

After some time my circumstances changed which meant I no longer have the support of my NAS worker. I had not used the bus for 4 years but really wanted to continue with the group. I knew this would be a significant challenge.

I now take the bus (I listen to music on my headphones) and attend the group without my supporter – it’s a great personal achievement.

Being a member of the group is very important and provided me with the incentive to become more independent in my life. I am welcomed for being me and for what I bring to the group.

Dinah – Getting out and about

Member Dinah met Volunteer Catherine through Enrych Support after being paired together by their local Coordinator, based upon their mutual interests.

Dinah has Turner Syndrome which affects her hearing and spatial awareness so she contacted Enrych to find a volunteer who she would enjoy spending time with and who could support her in getting out and about.

Catherine and Dinah hit it off straight away. Since their first meeting, they have met fortnightly to go on long walks, shop and meet for coffee. Through their shared love of dogs, they also recently visited the Guide Dogs National Breeding Centre in Leamington.

“Meeting Catherine has made such a big difference to my life, it’s nice to have somebody there to support you.”

Dinah feels that she can completely be herself when she is with Catherine and Catherine has found volunteering to be extremely rewarding.

Ben – Confidence through music

Member Ben has Cerebral Palsy and as a result has difficulty with muscle control, movement and speech and requires 24 hour care.

He told us, ‘I would like to record own versions of my favourite songs.  Singing helps people understand better.  I can pronounce words better.  If I could achieve this I would feel happy.’

We found a volunteer called Chris who is of a similar age and shared Ben’s musical interest.  Chris has mental health problems and was looking at volunteering to increase his own self-confidence and to help him on the path to employment.

Sally – A life story through ghost writing

An Enrych volunteer enabled Sally, a young woman with Cerebral Palsy, to write her life story by acting as a ghost writer. After two years the book is soon to be published and Sally is setting up a Cerebral Palsy self-help group in her town. Our one-to-one support builds confidence and inspires people like Sally to engage with local life again.

Lewis – Companionship builds confidence

With a number of medical conditions, Lewis is confined to bed for much of the day. Losing his beloved wife last year, he now finds himself supported by a female nurse team; many of whom he has never met.

Being permanently bedridden is an unimaginable situation for any of us, but being a man with unknown female nurses to tend to him only added to his feelings of isolation.

Lewis has always been full of life with a particular passion for sport. By the time he got in touch with us, Lewis was feeling overwhelmingly frustrated, helpless and lonely. He contacted Enrych, keen to see whether we might be the difference in his life.

Through Enrych, Lewis was partnered with a male volunteer, who visits him on a regular basis and provides companionship rather than care. The partnership has made an enormous difference to Lewis’s life, but it doesn’t stop there. Lewis has plans to leave his bed, get out in the fresh air and smell the flowers in his garden.