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Need an excuse to party?

You can be as creative and have as much fun as you like on our behalf. Why not organise an event?

Invite your existing friends, invite new friends, neighbours – that person you’ve meant to meet up with for years but couldn’t think of a reason to talk to them… they can all come!

Thinking of holding a coffee morning, a beer evening, champagne lunch, a football match or cream tea? A fashion show, a jewellery evening or film night? Maybe even a sponsored night in – think of the money you could raise and donate to ENRYCH? Doing a sponsored walk, run, auction or other fundraiser? We’d be delighted if you had fun and decided to donate the proceeds to ENRYCH.

Hints and tips

Decide on a date and venue

Think about where you would like to hold your fundraising event. Will it be at home, at the office, the local pub or town hall? What time of year would be best for the event that you are planning? Make sure to check the calendar for important dates that might clash!

Work on a budget and set a target

Set yourself a fundraising target and make sure that it is worthwhile compared to what you will need to spend. Make sure that you stick to your budget.

Contact your local businesses, pubs and restaurants to donate items, prizes and to advertise the event. Auctions work best with local prizes and you can also auction people’s skills for a donation.

Stay organised

Write a checklist of all the things you will need and a schedule of events so you can tick them off as you go along.

Working with friends can be rewarding so set up a fundraising team. Remember everyone has different skills that can contribute to the event.

Ask around. You’ll be amazed how many talented, clever people you know who play music or dance. You could really go to town.

Join an event

Check out our forthcoming events if you would like to support our activities or just use them as inspiration for your own event!