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Enrych supports over 1,800 people every year

Every year, Enrych makes a difference to the lives of over 1,800 disabled people and their families.

We do this through our volunteer partnership projects, social progammes and direct support to individuals through our Enrych Assist Personal Assistant service.

Enrych Support in our members’ words…

I would not have gone on holiday if it hadn’t been for Enrych

Thanks to my volunteer, on days when I feel low, I have a lovely garden to view

The name fits perfectly with me – it has ‘enriched’ my life!

Enrych Support in the words of our member’s families and carers…

I can’t thank you enough, this means so much to us

M would never be doing these things if it wasn’t for Enrych

C feels privileged to have visitors – you are the only ones who see him

What our clients say about having an Enrych Assist Personal Assistant…

Definitely made a positive difference to my life

Very helpful, understanding and supportive

Enrych changed my world. Helped me to go out

I would never be able to do what I do, and would never have had the same opportunities if I hadn’t got my own PA