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Front cover of Enrych report

Enryching lives for over 30 years

Enrych is a charity that supports disabled people to enjoy active and independent lives.

Everyone has the right to enjoy life and make choices about what they do. However, many people with disabilities face barriers every day that can limit their choices or independence and may lead to isolation or depression.

 Looking beyond disability

Enrych helps people identify what would make a real difference in their lives (especially through leisure and learning opportunities) and then we find ways to help make it happen. This might be a volunteer partnership, an activity group, Enrych social events or through one-to-one support.

We support people to tailor their own service and have the opportunity to

  • Increase self confidence
  • Develop independence
  • Meet people with the same interests
  • Reduce social isolation
  • Improve fitness, emotional health and well-being
  • Have fun
  • Connect, engage and enjoy life in the community

“Having the confidence to use the computer independently has opened up a whole new world and I am so grateful” Enrych member