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What our clients say about Enrych…

Enrych has been supporting disabled people for over 30 years. It’s important to us that we offer an outstanding service to all the disabled people support  – enabling them to be as active and independent as possible, and living their lives in the way they choose.

One of our services is a one-to-one Personal Support Assistant service (Enrych Assist) which operates in the East Midlands and Oxfordshire.

How do we know what our clients think of our service? We ask them!

What I like about using Enrych

Consistent and reliable

Convenience and flexibility

Staff are outstanding

How my Enrych PA has made a difference in my life…

My PAs have given me so much confidence to do the things I never thought I would be able to do. I never thought I’d have the confidence to travel on my own.

I go out and about a lot more often than I did previously. I wouldn’t be able to go out on my own I look after myself more. I have started doing a bit of cooking. Going out, putting make-up on lifts my mood. It has made a major difference

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What we have learnt from our clients in the East Midlands…

  • Our PAs are doing great work! Client satisfaction was high last year and even higher this year
  • Overwhelmingly, clients feel having an Enrych PA has made a positive difference (98% said so)
  • Clients think PAs are well-trained and have a good understanding of their needs (92% said yes)
  • Over a third of clients attend Enrych social events, and value this aspect of our work (95% agree)
  • Safeguarding is always at the forefront of our support and this is reflected in 100% of clients saying ‘I feel safe with my PA’

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